Help with Smallholding Chores

mobbed by hens

There’s a lot to do on the smallholding. When the campsite is open we get help collecting the eggs and feeding the animals from all the children (and sometimes the adults) who stay on the site, but in the winter it is left to just James and me to do these chores.

Luckily over the Christmas holidays Holly was here to help with egg collection and alpaca feeding.

Pear GardenFirst we fed the hens in the Pear Garden

pear garden2









collecting eggs2





And then we went to collect the eggs from the smallholding – not easy work in the cold and the wind.

collecting eggs from the smallholding








eggs in a nest





When collecting eggs it is always important to remember that sometimes the chickens are naughty and they lay in unexpected places such as the hay in the alpacas’ shelter.




Holly collecting eggs frmo the nestLuckily Holly knew where to look.


feeding alpacas





And then we gave the alpacas and hens some food.






feeding hens


8 responses to “Help with Smallholding Chores

  1. Great little helper! How lucky you are to have all those eggs, our girls are on a definite go-slow! Mind you, when we first started out we put a light in the coop. Never again, we ended up pickling 175 eggs that winter! We can manage with a couple each day out of season.

  2. The hybrids we got last year are laying well at the moment – we get maybe 15 or so from 20 hens. The chickens in the Pear Garden are on a definite go slow and from about 25 hens we are getting three eggs a day! The ducks are not laying at all! We don’t use lights as I would like them to have a rest + it would be an extra chore to set up! I do have quite a few eggs so I should maybe try pickling them. Can you recommend a good recipe?

    • She was very sweet. I love the photo of her surrounded by all the hens. You should tell her that if she stays here and doesn’t go home then at some point she will have to clean out the chicken poo and that won’t be so much fun, especially in the winter! Was so lovely seeing you all xxxx

  3. She is a doll and it was like reading a children’s book this morning when I finally got to this post. Thank you, Holly and Claire, for your chicken and egg story. Made my morning happy.

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