Hot Smoking

tenderloin in smokerI also got a hot smoker! This is again simple and ingenious. It is basically a big, shallow oblong pan with a lid that you pop on top of your stove top – I love it.

I decided to make hot smoked pork tenderloin as I never really know what to do with these cuts of meat as I am not a big fan of roast pork. The recipe is again from Curing and Smoking by Steven Lamb (218)

First you cure the tenderloin for an hour or so (in my case it was a few hours as I got distracted going out for a walk).

200g demerara sugar, 200g salt (I used that leftover from curing my leg of pork for prosciutto as I hate waste), 5 bay leaves shredded, 20 crushed juniper berries + one free-range tenderloin – I used the tenderloin from our British Lop.

curing the tenderloin

You basically rub the cure all over the tenderloin and leave it in the fridge for a bit. It will go a bit firmer and darker in colour as the cure draws out some of the moisture in the meat.

Cured tenderloin

Cured tenderloin

Wash the cure off and dry it. Put your woodchips in the smoker, add the tenderloin and heat it up. Leave the lid ajar slightly and start timing from when the first whisp of smoke comes out of the smoker. When this happens shut the smoker lid. The recipe said 10-12 minutes, but it didn’t seem cooked enough then so I left it for longer. I can’t remember how much longer as I was distracted talking to friends and, if truth be told, drinking fizzy wine!. I will make it again and get some timings. The book says you can finish off your tenderloin by frying it in butter, but I wanted to eat it just smoked which is why I did it a little longer.

smoked pork tenderloin

It was utterly amazing – moist and not at all dry with a lovely smokey taste. We ate it straight on the first day, but there was some leftover that we ate at lunch the day after. I put this with a creme fraiche and horseradish sauce and salad – divine.

smoked tenderloin

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