We hope the ram has done his job

RamThe beautiful, gentle ram is going back home next weekend. He is a lovely fellow, has got on well with the girls and has been very sweet to us.

Ram and his girls

But now it is time for him to go back to his proper flock and to hang out again at Sutton Hoo and Orford Ness.


While he was here James built another sheep shelter. A slightly bigger one where we will house the ewes when they lamb

ram and the new sheep shelterIt is super nice and just needs a crushed lime floor to be finished.

Ram3They were a bit nervous at first but they like it now.


He has been here for two months and we think he has done the business. Does bobtail look pregnant to you?

pregnant bobtailI should add that I am excited, but terrified about lambing, but with the help of friends here and on instagram and the internet I think we will get through it and we will certainly learn a lot!

Hopefully pregnant ewes

Hopefully pregnant ewes

4 responses to “We hope the ram has done his job

  1. Yes, this is the proper shelter – the previous one was the prototype! He is now building chicken world – a bit new place for htem to live so we can streamline our chaotic chicken collection 😊

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