Sliced Guanciale and Starting the Prosciutto

guanciale and melon

I have been experimenting with slicing the guanciale. Although it is quite salty, thinly sliced and paired with melon it is a passable (much lesser version) of prosciutto – it would need to hang a lot longer and not be as salty to come close, but it does for now.

thin-cut guanciale

We haven’t just been eating it raw though, we also used it to top our Christmas Day pizza. We don’t eat turkey at Christmas (despite raising our own) we prefer to spend all day doing outside projects and then come in and have home made pizza with champagne and watch Dr Who – yeah yeah we know how to live!

This year’s pizza was the first where I had made or grown all the ingredients. Our mission for next year or the year after is to have produced the milk that I use to make the mozzarella. The flour we will always have to buy in – if we are being realistic!

Christmas pizza with guanciale

Meanwhile I have started to make my own prosciutto. I put one of the British Lop leg’s in a big box (it was about 11kg as they were big boys) and packed it in kilos of salt – more than 25kg. I left it for 34 days (this was what the recipe said, but maybe I should have left it longer) and I have now hung it in a game safe in the shed where it needs to hang for another year! Not sure I have the patience for this.

leg of pork in salt British Lops

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