Alpaca wool

alpacas - helloHello, we are Peanut and Juniper – Inky Dinky Do is our sister, but she shuns the limelight on ideological grounds.

Not only are we seriously cute,


But we also look after the hens and protect them from foxes and dogs

alpacas and hens

What people might not know and what we want to tell everyone is that we also produce super-cool wool. The wool was spun from our fleeces by a lovely lady who lives nearby and also keeps Jacobs (she kept some of the wool and gave some to Claire who will apparently knit a scarf when she gets some free time)

alpaca wool

How useful are we? Not just pretty faces – although we are that as well.


N.B. Inky Dinky Do agreed to a rare appearance after a long period of negotiation.

4 responses to “Alpaca wool

  1. Claire, Alpaca is one of my favorite fibers on this planet. This winter I’ve made shawls and hats of alpaca.Here it is a very expensive yarn. I’d highly recommend a shoulder shrug or shawl for you. Alpaca doesn’t have much shape/bounce so the hats got all wonky and floppy. Hence the shawls. Will wait to see if you can whip something up and then post photos! Good luck and enjoy.

  2. Hi Mary, thanks for the advice – it is a new world for me. I only have four balls so it might have to be a small shrug. Claire, the lady who span it for me said that next year she might spin it with some Jacob fleece as that would add some bounce. I am pretty excited about it anyway. xxx

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