Cold-smoked cheese, eggs and nuts

smoked cheese and boiled eggsI did some more cold smoking. This time I wanted to try smoking cheese, eggs (yes I know!) and nuts. I have a big block of Parmesan so decided to use some of that (plus I had read about a recipe using smoked Parmesan and was intrigued)

big lump of Parmesan

I told you it is big – doesn’t everyone buy their Parmesan in 3kg blocks from George’s infamous Parmesan club? It is the nicest Parmesan I have ever eaten and a bargain – thanks George.

I also had accidentally bought quite a lot of organic Stilton before Christmas. And I have had smoked Stilton before and loved it so I thought I would try some out. Mainly so I could surprise my friend Helen next time I see her as she loves smoked Stilton.

An Instagram friend had suggested smoking roasted almonds – I didn’t have any almonds, but I did have 5kg of organic walnuts – yes I bulk buy nuts, grains and flour etc. because it is cheap, I can avoid supermarkets and I will be so ready when the zombie apocalypse comes.

toasting the waluntsBefore you smoke the nuts you need to toast them for a few minutes smother them in melted butter and sprinkle on some salt and a little sugar – of course the nuts were going to be amazing.

OK, so I was ready to start smoking

ready to smoke

I decided to use beech dust and just smoke for 4 hours.

In the smoker2So what was it like? Well the nuts were divine – of course – nuts with salt, sugar and butter are always going to be lovely, but the hint of smokey flavour was really good

smoked walnuts

I think though my favourite was the smoked eggs, not too smokey, but the process had changed their texture slightly – slightly more rubbery if that isn’t too off putting! I had them for breakfast with some leftover tomato sauce. I think they would be great in an egg mayonnaise sandwich or salad or anything really. I will make these again.

The cheese was also lovely – I think I will experiment with smoking it a little more for added depth of flavour. We have had a lot of the Stilton as cheese on toast. On Friday I made some pasta, roasted some homegrown shallots, made some tomato sauce from tomatoes from the freezer and as I tossed it all together I added some leftover cubes of smoked Stilton and stirred until it melted in and then topped it all with smoked Parmesan – this was really really good. We will be eating a lot of this.

pasta with smoked parmesan

NB. I make my tomato sauce the lazy way. Fill a big saucepan up with frozen tomatoes, cook slowly for ages. Whiz it up in a liquidiser, strain through a sieve and cook until it reduces until it is the consistency you like. Add salt and pepper, a tiny bit of sugar and a dash of good red wine vinegar. It can then be frozen again in little pots.

4 responses to “Cold-smoked cheese, eggs and nuts

  1. The walnuts sound lovely. I heard the Orford smoke house had closed!! We love the have hocks and fishcakes and cheese and prawns – well, you get the picture. Please say it aint so 😦

    • It might have closed – it was open when I was there in the summer, but who knows now. Pinneys should still be open. You never know a smokehouse might open right here on the campsite with homesmoked hocks from our own pigs??

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