Icelandic Skyr

skyrI can’t believe I managed to live without Icelandic skyr for so long – as my friend George commented ‘how do people cope?’ Lucky for me George and Tina gave me some of their skyr as a starter, so now I can make my own – thank you. Skyr is a cross between yoghurt and fresh cheese and it is amazing.

To make skyr you need some milk, couple of tbs of skyr as a starter, few drops of rennet. All the recipes I saw said to use skimmed milk, but I only have raw whole milk so that is what I used. I am intrigued about making it with skimmed milk. Apparently it was traditionally made in Iceland with the skimmed milk left after taking off the cream for butter – if I could work out how to do this I could then have butter and skyr and my life would be pretty much perfect! I used the recipe from here as a loose guideline

I used about 1.5 litres of raw milk, 2 large tablespoons of skyr and about 4-6 drops of rennet (I wasn’t very scientific about it – might have been a bit more rennet – I think you should use about 2-3 drops for this amount of milk)

Heat milk in a big pot slowly to 195F, then let cool to 110F. The stir a ladle of the milk with the skyr starter and add back to rest of milk. Add in the rennet, stir and then cover and wrap the pan in towels – this was my favourtie bit to do. Leave it for ages. Some people apparently leave theirs for 24 hours. I left mine for about 10 as I wanted to start it draining before I went to bed.

skyr separating

Cut the curd and then spoon it into a sieve with some cheesecloth on it – a teatowel would work fine.


I left mine draining for ages and the curd was very thick. As I wanted it to be spoonable I added back some of the whey and whipped it. It came up all smooth and gorgeous.


I have been having it for breakfast, but will start cooking with it as soon as I get back from working. The whey was quite thick and gloopy – not like the whey I get from making cheese. Anyway it didn’t get wasted as I have been giving it to the dogs for breakfast.

skyr breakfast

N.B. If anyone wants a bit of skyr to use as a starter and you happen to be passing the campsite/smallholding, just ask and you can have some of mine.

2 responses to “Icelandic Skyr

  1. I have never even heard of skyr.. I need to look it up! I am SO looking forward to milking again and the fresh yoghurts and cheeses, I love fresh more than anything..

  2. You should try it if you can – I think they do sell skyr in America, maybe in Wholefoods. I am looking forward to getting some goats in the next year or so and having fresh milk. Glad you got back safely from New Zealand – I love reading your blog and the lovely photos you post.

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