Braised Cabbage and Smoked Ham

Ham and braised cabbageI had a bit of leftover ham in the freezer from when I cooked a ham for friends in October. So I made braised cabbage with juniper (the berry not the alpaca!) and ham. It is loosely based on Nigel Slater’s Ham and Cabbage fry-up The Kitchen Diaries II (20-21).

Braised Cabbage and Smoked Ham: lots of white cabbage, a cooking apple, leftover ham, one onion, about 20 juniper berries, 4 cloves, tbs muscovado sugar, 3tbs white wine vinegar, thick slice of butter.

Cook the onion gently in the butter. Peel the apple and chop into thin-ish slices and add to the pan with the crushed juniper and cloves. Add in the shredded cabbage and two tbs of vinegar and the sugar.  Cover with a lid and cook slowly on a gentle heat for a bit – quite a bit. You have more than enough time to have a shower and a glass of wine and to pom around a bit. You can stir it every now and again. Chop the ham into bits and add in, then add the last tbs of vinegar, stir and serve.

We had it with roast jerusalem artichokes and potatoes. At this time of year we live on cabbage and jerusalem artichokes (and stuff in the freezer from last year!)


N.B. This would be divine without the ham as well. Braised cabbage is brilliant.

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