Naughty hens

eggs in hayThe smallholding hybrid hens – who are actually lovely, they are friendly, let kids pick them up and lay lots of delicious eggs – have started to be just a little bit naughty. They like hanging out in the alpaca shelter and have taken to laying their eggs there in the hay that is stacked up and fluffed out for the alpacas’ breakfast.

Alpaca shelter and eggs

eggs in shelter2It isn’t such a problem when they lay their eggs on hay on the floor or behind a bale, but they have now taken to laying them on top of the hay bales – as you can see.

naughty chicken2naughty chickensThe downside of them doing this is many eggs have been tenuously resting on wisps of straw above a long drop down the back of the hay bales –  lots of them have been falling and smashing much to the delight of the egg-eaters!

So, as the hens like the alpaca shelter so much we are making them their own chicken suitable alpaca shelter that will be full of hay.

Building the chicken palace

Building the chicken palace

alpaca shelter and new chicken palace2Of course while we had the augur for making holes James drilled another 40 holes for our cider orchard and some more native trees to provide shade on the site (and to make up for cutting down so many trees in the copse) – buying and planting these trees is a project for next weekend or the one after.

eggs and augurMore on the progress of the shelter in the next day or two – this weekend we were very busy!



6 responses to “Naughty hens

  1. James is a building wizard!! And 40 fruit trees?? Wow. I don’t know how you manage to keep it together!! Simply amazing.

  2. Why do hens prefer other ‘people’s’ houses? Several of ours sneak into the duck houses and the Silkies in particular decide to go broody in there! The grass is always greener…

  3. I don’t see the logic. Aren’t the (naughty) hens still going to hangout in inappropriate places i.e they now have TWO housing options? Hmmmmm.
    James do you have a fetish for digging holes?😉

  4. Well yes, that might be the flaw in our otherwise totally cunning plan! Ideally the new house looks like the alpaca shelter so they may want to lay their eggs in there …… OK it is an experiment!

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