Counting Sheep

Sheep eating hayI count sheep a lot. I count our Jacobs first thing in the morning and later in the afternoon. At night I count imaginary sheep as I don’t sleep very well. This is exacerbated when life is extra busy and stressful.

sheep eating hay2

I haven’t been sleeping too well as James had to find another job – more on his job saga at a later time – suffice it to say he has been working very early morning shifts in a shop quite far away so has been getting up at 3.30am! In a week he starts another job which is nearer and doesn’t start until 6am so this will be a bit better. It is only very part-time, but there might be more hours in the future and anyway there is lots for him to do here.

sheep eating hay3Other than that we have been a bit stressed about our future toilet block, thinking of ways to make it happen and to fit our budget.

sheep eating hay4

And then there are health issues. I might need another operation. First I have to have an MRI to confirm matters but they think one of the implants they put in last March as part of the post-cancer reconstruction might have ruptured. I have not had the best of luck with reconstructive surgery  – this will be the ninth operation in less than 6 years, but we will see….. until I have more news I am counting sheep and am grateful that we have the lovely Jacobs to count.

10 responses to “Counting Sheep

  1. This is NOT a great start to the year! I hope that things get better in the very near future. Take care.

    • Thank you – I am sure everything will work out fine – just another blip in the road – one year I won’t have surgery and my garden will be full of veggies and no weeds!

  2. Wishing you and James well. Praying for you both, keep counting the sheep, especially the lovely one in the first picture (if you can identify it 🙂 keep strong xx

    • I know ?? !! Oh well we will see what happens. Thank you for thinking of us. Hope you are all well – how is the ankle doing? Looking forward to seeing you soon – take care

  3. That’s a real shame I’m sorry you have even more cr@p with the surgery. And with James having to change jobs as well. Big hugs xx

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