Pepper-cured pork loin

cured tenderloin

I have been curing some meat – with slightly more success than the pancetta! I have made some pepper-cured tenderloin – recipe adapted from Steven Lamb Curing and Smoking. The recipe for a 500g piece of tenderloin

cured tenderloin2

Pepper-cured pork tenderloin: Ingredients 15g coarse sea salt, 40g ground pepper, tenderloin from a free-range happy pig (ours was from a Large Black pig)

Mix cure ingredients (salt and pepper) together, rub over meat and put in a plastic bag in the fridge. Leave to cure for 3 days per kg (so 1.5 days). Remove from bag and wash cure off under the tap. Pat dry and leave in the fridge over night. Hang for 3-4 weeks until it has lost 30% of its original weight. Serve raw with sweet gherkins – very very yummy.

tenderloin with gherkins1


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