Squeal – new piglets have arrived

little piggiesLast Sunday James went to collect two little piglets. We are trying out keeping different rare breeds to see which one suits our situation best (and which make the best sausages, bacon and charcuterie!). This time we managed to get a couple of Berkshire pigs.


They are dark so won’t suffer from sunburn so much, they grow slowly, thrive on pasture and eat grass etc, and they don’t grow as big as the Large Blacks. They are also very very cute.

upside down pigletPiglets are very squirmy so James carried them from the trailer to their new pen carefully, but upside down!

James and Hay

We made sure they had plenty of hay in their bed

Piggies and eggsThe hens had left them a small welcome present – why is it out hens lay in the alpaca hay and the pig hay but not in their own hay?

James and the piggiesJames made sure they settled in OK – he really likes the pigs!


And then they explored outside and started to eat some grass

trying out the grass

We keep them in a smaller area for the first few week or so until they get used to their new home – then they will have the pig field to explore.

piggies and their new home

N.B. of course the curious hens had to explore the trailer as soon as it was vacated

hens in trailer

4 responses to “Squeal – new piglets have arrived

  1. Oh, they’re lovely! We always likened a squirming piglet to a bar of soap! As foe the hens well, I guess the grass (or hay) is always greener on the other side!

  2. You have some fickle hens. They should lay their eggs in their own home!! Don’t they know there are chickens in other parts of the world that would DIE for their own building and fresh hay!! Spoiled, that’s what they are. Don’t know when they’ve got a good thing…
    And the pigs are adorable, and I hope with be delish.

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