New Hen House

comingout2The new hen house is up and running.

hens and new house

We have moved all the chickens to the smallholding and their new palatial surroundings. They seemed to like hanging out in the alpaca shelter so we designed the new house to be like this and built it next to the alpacas.

hens and new shelter

It has all the mod cons that your modern hen requires

hens in house3James did build the perches to withstand a zombie apocalypse which is handy as if/when it happens we will have more pressing matters to attend to than rebuilding perches!

hens in house copy

We locked the hens up for 5 days so they would know where to roost and then let them out

coming outOf course they went straight for the alpaca shelter to lay their eggs!

straight to the alpaca shelterThe alpacas were pleased to see them again thought

alpacas and henshens and alpacas reunitedThey enjoyed being out and it is nice having them altogether


Of course they have plenty of space to freerange in … now if they could just get back into the swing of laying eggs (and laying them in places where we can find them) it would be great

freeranging hens2

5 responses to “New Hen House

  1. Good news! Got all of our signatures to have our own chickens!! I’m going in an hour to pick up the permit! So what breeds do you have, which ones do you like the most, any recommendations? Since we are in the city we are hoping to find a nice quiet breed that’s a good egg layer.

  2. How exciting. We have a mix of hybrids and pure breeds. We have regular hybrids for light brown eggs (the workhorse of the chicken world) and some hybrids that lay white and green eggs. We also have bantams – silkies, pekins, barba d’uccles – these are cute (which is good for the site and the kids that visit) and they sit and hatch eggs well but they don’t lay much. We also have marans – gorgeous dark brown eggs but erratic layers. We have a dual meat/egg breed that I am experimenting with in the front garden – Ixworths – local breed from here.

    Depends what you want – hybrids are cheap to buy and lay well but don’t live for a huge amount of time – few years or so. Hybrids we got from one place were flighty and a bit weird – they ones we get now are super friendly – it sometimes matters the type of hybrid and where they are raised.

    Can’t wait to see pictures

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