Smoked Back Bacon and Pancetta – take 2

rolled pancettaI am making some more bacon and pancetta. I hope that this time I will manage to avoid maggot-gate (and here) by using my gamesafes. This time I am trying back bacon.

pork loin

I used a cure from Steven Lamb Curing and Smoking.
The recipes for the back bacon and pancetta can be found here – the only difference being I used pork loin (boned) for the bacon (from one of our happy Large Black pigs) and left it for 12 days – perhaps a little too long? We will see.

Curing back bacon

Here it is after 12 days in the cure

Cured back baconAnd this is it after hanging for ten days.

bacon after hanging

After hanging I popped it in the delux coldsmoker and smoked it for 9 hours using oak

back bacon in the smoker

No expense spared smoker !

No expense spared smoker !


And the cold smoking spiral - this is the business bit of the set-up

And the cold smoking spiral – this is the business bit of the set-up

And here is the finished product after slicing on the fabulous slicing machine. I cut it at 3.5mm as I like quite thick bacon.

baconWe got this pile of slices! I sliced it with the rind on as I am lazy, but I think it makes it easier to slice. I will cut these off as we cook the bacon and feed them to the birds (as my grandma and granddad did) or the dogs as treats!

There is quite a bit of fat on our bacon (and on our bacon from the British Lops that we sell) – this is a good thing. It is not yukky fat that you get on mass produced, inhumane bacon (or that you get in processed foods) it is glorious, fabulous, yummy fat. I would say, even if you think you don’t like fat, cook the bacon with it on and enjoy it – it is part of the whole traditional, artisan bacon experience. After all there is also a wonderful delicacy called lardo which is simply the salted, cured back fat from pigs.

bacon slicesI foresee a weekend involving a bacon sandwich.

N.B. Update on the pancetta when it has finished hanging


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