piggies3Within a day the piggies had completely turned over their small penned area.

Happy pigschurned up mud

So we let them out into their big pig field.

pig field

There was a bit of excitement when they escaped through the electric fencing and James had to chase them round the field – this exhausted the piggies and James (I didn’t get to see this as I was in London).

free range piggies2

In the few days they have been in the big field they have done quite a bit of land clearance. I didn’t realise Berkshires were so effective at living off the land – this is a big plus in our book.

churned up fieldThey are now happily exploring their new area and I am happy to say there have been no more breakouts.

free range piggiesN.B. off for my MRI today – will be glad to find out what is gong on. I hate the powerlessness of waiting and worrying.


7 responses to “Turbo-piggies

  1. oh Claire, sending loving, healing energy to you and James as you await your test results. Positive thoughts, hoping for the best news this time. YOu deserve the rest of your life off from illness and surgery. Enough is enough! Sending love and warm hugs.

  2. Thanks for the pig update. Always a delight. And please keep us informed of results of MRI, by email perhaps if you don’t want to send out on blog. I so hope for your body to do well and to have this, if needed, be the final chapter of medical interventions for you. Sending my love and wishes for good news.

  3. Hi Claire, the little piggies are really doing their job, long may they do this. Just wanted to pass on my best wishes for your health & to let you know of a HRT cake that is made from all natural ingredients. There is a savoury & a sweet one to make. It only takes one slice per day to alleviate the ‘hot flushes’ and other unpleasant symptoms. I’ve made both and have used it for years. If you want my recipe I can email it to you, or, you can just type HRT cake into your browser for the recipe of your choice. Hope today went as well as you hoped Luvnprayers Sheena x

  4. Hi Claire – just popped by here to see what you have been up to at St Margrets. I’m sad to read that you were having an MRI scan on Friday – hoping you got some answers.
    Will look forward to catching up at Easter – can you order some nice weather for us please
    Zoe x

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