Turkeys: the beginning and end

turkey mating4OK so this photo does look a little like turkey prison. They actually have a very large area to pom around in complete with a little copse and open spaces – maybe it is 1/3 of an acre.

We have a unique selling point for our turkeys: they reproduce naturally. Most turkeys you buy commercially have been bred to get so large so fast and to put on so much breast meat that they can’t mate. I know this because the wonderful knackerman told me all about it – in colourful detail – when he came to kill our sheep  – see here.

turkey mating3

He collects dead birds from the big intensive rearing shed in Norfolk and while there has witnessed human intervention in the natural breeding process – if you see what I mean. I have been far more circumspect in my description of the practice than he was – his version was funnier!

Anyway we have an old heritage breed – don’t know what type as we bought 4 turkeys for £60 from a man and we didn’t ask what type they were.

Our old tom/stag (Ataturkey) managed to do the deed hence the turkey chicks last year.  Ataturkeyoglu is trying, although from the pictures I am not sure if he is doing it right, but what do I know about turkey carnal relations?

turkey mating

So this is the beginning, but what about the end.

roast turkey dinnerRoast turkey dinner with braised red cabbage, butter leeks, roast potatoes and gorgeous gravy made with creme de framboise that I wanted to use up. The turkey was the old tom we killed a couple of weeks ago – see here. It was good, really good, very juicy. Our turkeys have quite a bit of fat in their cavity (presumably to keep them warm through the winter) and this keeps the meat moist and delicious. We have been eating him for ages and there is more in the freezer.

And then of course I made stock

turkey stock

N.B. I should add that I came across these scenes by accident. I do not sit around hoping to observe turkey sex!

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