Naughty Peanut

peanutThis is Peanut and she might be our naughtiest alpaca.

The other day I saw her peering into the hen house – we leave the door slightly ajar so the hens can come and go, but hopefully not wide enough for alpacas to get in. She looked inside and the quickly looked left and right before sneaking in.

I managed to get these photos of her when she was trying to make her escape having snaffled some of the chicken food.

alpaca in hen housealpaca in henhouse2Totally caught in the act!

6 responses to “Naughty Peanut

  1. That face is the face of someone who doesn’t give two hoots that she’s been caught!

  2. Peanut could quite easily have had a moment of “alpaca amnesia” and innocently wandered into the wrong home. It’s easily done you know 😉. However, there does seem to be a re-occurring theme at St. Margaret’s small holding – there’s some very mischievous, naughty animals.

    • Ha ha – I think St Margaret’s might be a refuge for naughty animals – or does being here make them naughty?? Love the idea of alpaca amnesia – hope to see you all soon xx

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