Learning about Pigs

breakfast piggiesI have spent the past week trying to gain the piggies confidence and trust and also to train them to think that deliciousness comes out of a bucket.

To this end I have been feeding them from a bucket (and not their usual Mexican hat feeder) and stroking them while they eat. This has been going well.


Last week James noticed that one of the piggies had a lump above its left-hand front leg. I checked them while they were eating breakfast and it did. It looked like an abscess and it also looked as if some of it had already oozed out. I checked the other piggy and it too had a small lump, interestingly it also had a scar that looked like an injection site. I wondered whether the abscess had been caused by the injection.


Anyway, as we know very little about pigs we called out the vet. She confirmed my diagnosis (hurray – I am learning – slowly) and said that maybe the needle used for the worming injection the pigs had before we got them had been dirty. She then took a scalpel and lanced the abscess. Unfortunately I wasn’t here as I was in London for work, but I think I could do it myself next time. She told us that the pig didn’t need antibiotics as this would mask the infection and also not to put any antiseptic or some such thing on as this might stop the abscess draining. She also gave us a blade and told us to do it ourselves next time. I really like vets who empower you to look after your animals rather than get you to rely on them.


N.B. This is what our piggies look like first thing in the morning with bed-head

bedhead piggymorning piggies

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