Dogs’ Dinner

dogs dinner2My dogs eat a raw diet because it is easy, I think it is better for them, and I can’t abide waste.

When we kill our pigs they live on the bones and skin (and other bits and pieces as well) for quite some time). They also eat the bits of poultry that we don’t want to eat – see here for them demolishing turkey heads and feet.

But we don’t have enough to feed them solely on produce from our smallholding (yet). So I also feed them chicken carcass from the butcher.

Last Friday we got a new delivery of exciting bits. Someone we know from the next village has set up a (very) small-scale, free range chicken farm.  We like small scale, local enterprises. We also like them and as a bonus they have Daisy Dog’s brother Moss. In fact the first time I met them they mentioned they were getting a working sheepdog and that there might be a couple of other puppies still available. I called the number and that was how we got Daisy Dog.

The point is, he has heads, feet, carcass, skin etc that could go to waste, we have dogs who need being fed so we bought a big box of bits and pieces from him at a good rate.

Dogs Dinner

This is what the dogs had for breakfast on Sunday. Minced up raw beetroot with a bit of raw milk that had gone off. Some lamb fat from the pan after frying the koftes I made on Saturday night, free range chicken feet and heads – yum yum yum.

waiting for dinnerThe dogs are very good and always wait for their dinner – although Daisy Dog does give me a slightly cross look while waiting.

And then they gobble it up really quickly

eating dinner

5 responses to “Dogs’ Dinner

  1. good god that looks just horrible. They must not care and find it delicious? Or they are just so damn hungry and figure you won’t be making them a gourmet meal!!? I hope it does keep them healthy for years and years.

  2. I guess it’s just the same as our cats crunching up the local mouse/bird population! And they don’t even get a dish!!

  3. Raw diets for dogs and cats…the new best thing. Our cat has been eating a raw diet from a local producer of raw cat food and is so much healthier. Don’t think I could make the food myself but love that you do. Just love the photo of your boys waiting for dinner. Really get to see a bit of their personalities in this shot. Thanks for getting them to sit for that.

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