Chicken Update

morning hens3Some of the hens waiting to come out of their super-duper hen palace in the morning.

Others are late risers and aren’t in a rush to leave

Hens in house2hens in house

They have started laying in the new orange buckets a bit, but we still find eggs in the alpaca shelter and there is one hen who every morning runs extremely fast in the direction of the pig field, vaults over the fence and lays in their bed!

egg laying

Here are some random pictures of some of the hens ….


Buff Silkie

wheaten maran

Wheaten Maran

Partridge wyandotte

Partridge wyandotte

If they could just get over the ‘trauma’ of the move and start laying eggs again, I would be very happy. Hasn’t anyone told them it is spring?


2 responses to “Chicken Update

  1. Lovely birds, how many do you have? I love their tiered perches, it looks like they’re in the dress circle waiting for some stage performance!

  2. Wow! Didn’t realize you had so many chickens. Guess seeing them in small groups in photos I thought there were fewer. They are gorgeous. Love the story of the one that rushes off to be in the pigs’ pen. Such funny creatures.

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