Custom-made water point


We have had a water point here for a while, but didn’t have a soakaway or concrete slabs round it. This meant it would often get a bit muddy so James decided to put in a soakaway. You can’t see this as it is underground, but he assures me it is there. He also put some slabs round the tap to make it easier for campers to get water.


The chickens felt left out though – they wanted to help – so when James wasn’t looking they came and added some finishing touches. I like it…..


3 responses to “Custom-made water point

  1. We put our hand prints in our new concrete a few years ago too.
    Now if only the rest of your animals had put their mark on the spot!
    Pretty cool to me.

  2. I was wondering what james was doing with all the “arrows!?!?” Just put it down to a liquid lunch. 😉

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