Daisy Dog


There are not enough photos of Daisy Dog here. Daisy Dog is very independent, unique, strong-willed and sure of what she wants to do.  She isn’t really a team player as she is pretty confident that she knows best. In other words she is a bit of a mardi bitch. However,  she is a wonderful, loving friend and I couldn’t imagine being without her.

Here are some photos of her waiting to track on the heather. She loves tracking, but doesn’t like to have the tracking harness put on – she thinks she could do a better job without me trailing behind her (she is probably right). She also has a slight tendency to follow more interesting tracks that cross her path. Why follow my track when there is a far more interesting deer track to follow? – I can sort of see her point.


N.B. I am rubbish at frisbee and frequently throw it into the tree. Daisy Dog kindly points out my mistake in a long suffering way.

Frisbee in tree

9 responses to “Daisy Dog

    • Thank you – I have been trying to think of answers and questions – when I get a little more time I will do it – I haven’t forgotten.

      You should see her when she looks at the point in the sea where I have accidentally thrown the frisbee and then looks at me as if to say ‘oh no – you go in and get it, you threw it in there;.

  1. AhhhhhHAHAHAHAHAHA. HA. Poor puppy, she’s surrounded by incompetent frisbees-throwing humans! (I’m not good at it either)

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