The Copse

Copse4Our Copse is getting a makeover – quite a dramatic one. Back in January James cleared it out of all the dead trees and the small elms that don’t thrive  – see here. Since then he has been busy.

First he hauled out all the logs and burnt the branches with the help of a friend


before the digger

Then a digger came to dig out all the stumps.


The digger buried the stumps in a massive hole – we are on sand as you can see from the piles

earth and sandNo more stumps

no stumps


Then James raked it, digging out all the roots.


Then he raked it again and seeded it with grass seeds. And then he raked it again.


After all this he put a fence around it

copse8Today the hedging plants came, so on Sunday I will start replanting it. I am planting edible hedging plants in and around the fence and then there will be some more trees, bushes, bulbs, ground-cover and flowers – it will be a lovely woodland grove in about 5 years!


10 responses to “The Copse

  1. A lot of hard work there but well worth it I think. James certainly is a ‘If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well’ kind of guy!

  2. What sort of edible hedge are you putting in and why did you not grind the stumps instead of digging them up. When are you next coming to Australia, you can have free board if you can get my 2acres looking like that!

    • wild plum, sloe, blackberry and a bunch of other stuff – not sure. Needed the digger to level the space + grinding them out would have taken forever – there were loads. Easy and cheaper with a digger. Give us a digger and we can clear your garden too – or you could get pigs – that way you get bacon as well!

  3. WOW! That looks like a massive amount of work! Only a week before we see it for real 🙂
    Are you commissioning Willy Wonka to help with the edible hedges?

  4. Oh didn’t you find any Saxon gold whilst you were digging? Tony can go over the area with the metal detector and share the booty if you like 😉

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