Welcome back bees

bees2A couple of weeks ago, when the weather was unseasonably warm, I checked my bees. They have survived the winter – yay.

I took off the woodpecker protection (aka the chicken wire)


A few were flying and the others were busy in the hive.

entrance bees

They seemed to have plenty of honey and hadn’t touched the fondant I had put out for them earlier when I treated them in January with oxalic acid. I didn’t go through the frames, just took a quick look at them.

The hive with the superstructure in was really busy and the superstructure was still amazing. I really don’t know what I am going to do about it.


Yesterday I took another look at this hive and it was heaving with bees. I tried to cut off some of the empty looking combs. If I am ever to look at the frames again I need to remove it. I cleared off the ones coming down from the roof, but there were some drone larvae in it – and lots of angry bees. I hope I haven’t done untold damage, I hope I didn’t squash the Queen or upset the bees too much – it is very hard being a beginner beekeeper.


N.B. the photos are awful as they were taken at top speed with gloves on, angry bees buzzing around and my I-phone!

N.B. I really need to put together my new hives – I bought them as separate parts in the winter sale as it was cheaper and only now do I realise how much work it will take to make them!

violets and bees

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