Jerusalem Artichokes

artichokes3I cleared out my strawberry patch in readiness for spring and found a whole pile of lovely artichokes there. Strangely there were more there, than next door in the actual Jerusalem artichoke patch.

There’s not much else in the garden so we have been eating lots of artichokes, luckily I love them.


Jerusalem Artichoke Risotto: risotto rice, chicken (or vegetable stock), artichokes, pot of double cream, onion – finely chopped, parmesan grated, salt and pepper, butter, slosh of wine if you want.

Scrub clean the artichokes, slice and then fry gently in butter for quite a while. Pour over some cream and cook gently until the artichokes are tender. Liquidise and put to one side. Gently cook in a heavy based pan the onion in some more butter. Add in the risotto rice. Deglaze pan with a shot of vermouth or white wine, if you want. Gradually add in the stock, cooking gently and stirring as you go. When nearly done add in as much of the artichoke puree as you want. Season and then add grated Parmesan and serve. It doesn’t look pretty but it taste amazing.

artichoke risotto

Cream of Jerusalem Soup – cream, stock, onions, garlic, artichokes, seasoning

You can use leftover artichoke puree as the base for the soup. Maybe just fry up some onion and garlic gently in butter – add to puree and liquidise again. Loosen with milk or stock and serve – yum yum yum. It all freezes very well


artichoke soup and open sandwich

N.B. what is that next to the soup? Could it be homecured spalla from our pigs?? More on it tomorrow

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