Bits and bobs (clean out the fridge) bacon and bean stew

bean and bacon stew ingredientsI wanted to use up the end bit of the smoked bacon bacon that I can’t slice on the slicing machine, some guanciale from ages ago and a bit of the cured tenderloin – as I wanted to make way for the homemade spalla and prosciutto that were coming to my fridge and I wanted it to be shiny and clean (well I didn’t want other bits of old cured pig hanging around distracting me – clean would be going a bit too far).

So I decided to make bacon and bean stew.

Ingredients: some bits of leftover bacon, pancetta, guanciale bits cut into chunks; tin of tomatoes, two onions, two tins of beans, handful or two of lentils, chicken stock.

Fry bacon bits and bobs in some lard in a deep saucepan. Remover and then slowly cook the onions. Add the bacon back in with the tomatoes, beans and lentils. Cover with stock and cook very slowly for the rest of the day. When you get in from working in the garden and chasing round piggies and sheep, eat greedily from a bowl with bread and red wine. Always, always make a massive pot as it tastes great the next day and freezes very well.

I also added in a bit of leftover pork confit as I wanted to clear out my fridge – seriously you can add anything to this

bean and bacon stew2


2 responses to “Bits and bobs (clean out the fridge) bacon and bean stew

  1. I like your idea of bits and bobs, why can’t you cook the bacon bits (leftovers) with the onion, I always chuck everything in at once, I am a great one pan cook. !

  2. Well you could, but I like to cook the bacon bits and bobs first to render out some lovely fat and then slowly cook the onion in that – you can use one pan – just put the bacon on a plate on one side. One-pan meals are the best xxxx

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