Turkey Eggs (and they are now for sale)

turkey and duck eggsIt is that time of the year again – our turkeys have started laying. As this year we have nine, rather than two turkey hens we are getting quite a few eggs. The turkey eggs are the speckled ones in the above photo – the green/blue ones are Indian Runner duck eggs – they too have suddenly started laying again.

turkey eggsAnd here is a fuzzy picture of a hen laying between the fence and the gate – of course

laying turkey

It is too early to leave them out for the turkeys to sit on them, so for the next couple of weeks we are eating and selling them.  I have been having scrambled turkey egg on toast for breakfast for the past week – seasonal eating at its best!

For a short time over the Easter holiday you can buy a cute little box with two duck eggs and two turkey eggs in – just £2 – wouldn’t this make a fantastic Easter breakfast or Easter gift?


You can also buy the duck eggs in a box of six for £2. And turkey eggs in a box of four, if you prefer for £2.50

Duck Eggs

Duck Eggs

Our ducks and turkeys, like our hens are free ranging, are fed on organic food and live on land managed in accordance to organic principles – although we are not certified organic as this requires time and money – neither of which we have a lot of right now.

duck eggs

3 responses to “Turkey Eggs (and they are now for sale)

  1. I don’t follow on Instagram so couldn’t comment about the egg with raised bits on the shell. Just look for a turkey with tears in her eyes

    Oh and see you later today !

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