Toilet Block

mixerAfter talking about it for many years, arguing over its location, layout and size, worrying about how to get together the money, we have finally started to build our new toilet block – the campsite is entering the 21st century!

toilet block foundations

We are getting the core and shell built for us by local builders (who did lots of work on the site and house over 50 years ago and in intervening periods). They will also install a new cesspit solution. We are not on mains drainage and have a very old cesspit and series of weepers. They currently work fine, but we have had some adventures with them over the past five years or so. When I was a child I thought everyone’s grandparents had front gardens that regularly flooded with sewage – apparently not! A new system for the new toilet block is expensive, but will put my mind at rest.


We will then fit out the inside ourselves slowly over the season as and when we get in income to pay for it – unfortunately the build is a bit hand to mouth at the moment.

building site

Our electrician and plumber will put in hot water tanks. Initially they will be heated by immersion heaters, (electricity mainly provided by our PV array) but when funds permit we hope to add more PV panels on the roof to provide extra electricity to heat the water. We also only have 2-phase electricity so we can’t get very much at any one time. It is prohibitively expensive to get 3-phase. Living out in the middle of no-where is beautiful but it poses some problems for water, sewage and electricity!

building site3

So far they have dug and poured the foundations

concrete1concrete2concrete4And the bottom brickwork has been done – all ready for the timber frame to come after Easter

brickworkOf course Kainaat made a contribution …..

Kai and sand

4 responses to “Toilet Block

  1. I wish you could trade those builders in eggs, sausages, and veggies for their work and supplies. Maybe throw in a free camp spot for their company? I know, I’m such a dreamer!! Its looking great and I hope it goes well.

  2. Congratulations on getting it started. And thanks to Kainaat for his helping out with the build. Such a good boy;-)

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