New Hens

new hen3We got some new hybrid point of lay hens a week or so ago. They are very sweet and friendly. I don’t think they had been outside before so it is all a big adventure for them living here and at first they were a little apprehensive.

new hen4I have put blue rings on their feet so when I kill the older hybrids next year, I will know to let these ones be. The hybrids lay best for the first few years and then not so well. We need to make some money from our chicken/egg enterprise so we have decided to take drastic matters. They won’t go to waste though as I will feed them to the doggies.

The pure breeds and coloured-egg laying hens will still have a pension policy though – although after what has just happened to my pension their policy may be subject to arbitrary unilateral change to the detriment of them at any moment (not really, I am much more fair than the powers that be)

new hen

They have started to mix more with the older hens and have settled in nicely. Happy hens ….


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