Demolishing the Bee Super-Structure

bees1On Saturday, after taking advice from my bee friends at bee club, Kerry and I set about demolishing the bee super-structure in hive 1.

bees2We will not go into how the superstructure happened, let’s just say I am a beginner bee-keeper and I really have no idea how a massive structure of comb and honey managed to find its way directly on top of my brood frames …. moving on now

This was not going to be an easy task.

I took off the roof and the super and there was the structure

bees3The rest of it was in the lid (I had also cut off half of it some weeks before – see here) – see in the background of the photo below.

bees5The bees were mad as hell at having their home invaded and destroyed. They were buzzing all around me as you can see in the photo below. I smoked them, but they were cross (I don’t blame them at all – I would have been livid)


Once the structure was cut off, I quickly checked a frame for brood and supplies


bees6There was sealed brood and larvae and everyone looked well, if angry.


I then got stung and decided not to look at any other frames but to finish the job and get out.

I cut the structure off and put it in front of the hive temporarily.


After I had checked everything I put a Queen excluder on the brood box, added a super with frames over it, then the crown board and then another super into which I put most of the comb that still had honey on. The empty comb I left outside so the bees could make their own way back into the hive.

I then checked hive 2 which was also flourishing.

Kerry took all these wonderful photos and did a great job helping me – thank you. I was so glad to have her there as, to be honest, I had been dreading doing this.

Here we both are looking very fashionable and of course, professional!

bees claire and kerry



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