Bobtail and lambsA lot has happened round here in the past week, but for now this is perhaps the most amazing thing……

LambsA ram lamb and ewe lamb born yesterday evening.

Bobtail and lambs3Bobtail is a great mum and is doting on her little twins who both (now) have full bellies and are doing well

Bobtail and lambs2Not the easiest first lambing experience, but  a brilliant one – more photos and the full story later

15 responses to “Lambs

  1. Spent March staying at a sheep farm in the full swing of lambing by the hundreds. They are sweet things, but they do make quite a commotion when weaning time comes around….

  2. They’re gorgeous. Congratulations! Can’t wait to hear your first time story. Seems like the ending was pretty sweet no matter how difficult the process. Good job!

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