Kale and Cotherstone Tart

tart2We are eating a lot of green leaves at the moment: kale, spring cabbage and swiss chard – as this is what we have in the garden. This tart is a quick and lazy cross between borek and a quiche. It is easy and delicious and we have eaten it twice in the past 5 days! You can use whatever greens you like and whatever cheese, but Cotherstone worked really well. Measurements for eggs and cream are approximate and depend on what you have.


Kale and Cotherstone Tart: filo pastry (half a pack – you can make the tart twice or make a bigger version), greens (chopped and cooked), cheese cubed, eggs, cream, seasoning, butter (melted).

Take a small quiche pan and  brush with butter. Layer up the filo pastry brushing each layer with butter. You can have some of the pastry overhanging the edge. Put in the greens and the cubed cheese.


Mix up some eggs (maybe three or so) with a splash of cream and pour on top. You can fold over the pastry hanging over the edge to make it a semi-closed pie-type thing.


Cook in a hot-ish oven (shall we say 180C) until golden brown on top. Take out and leave to cool for a while then eat.

We will be eating a lot of this.


NB waiting for some photos of the lambing and then I will tell the tale…


2 responses to “Kale and Cotherstone Tart

  1. How do you cook Kale, I have tried and it still tastes horrible, some thing like your gran used to try to make me eat when I was young

  2. Wash the leaves, chop, put in saucepan with lid on and cook gently on a low heat for a bit. This is then nice in lasagne and pies. I also often stir fry it as a veggie and/or steam it. You can also eat it raw – especially cavalo nero. xx

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