Oxford Sandy and Black Piglets

pigs2Last Wednesday James went to pick up four gorgeous Oxford Sandy and Black pigs (OSBs). Each year we are trying out different rare breeds to see which suits our set-up best, which we like and which are the tastiest! This year it is Berkshires and OSBs.


James arrived with the piggies in the trailer – luckily team-pig was on board to help with off loading.

pigs in trailerThe piggies were very calm and came out of the trailer with no problem at all. With team-pig helping we were able to move the hurdles and electric fencing and safely get them in to their new mini-pen.

pigs coming outinvestigating new surroundingsThey happily explored their new pen

new piggies2Aren’t they beautiful? We keep them in a little pen for a few days to get them used to their new home and to train them to respect the electric fence (it is on the inside of the hurdles)

They also quite liked their new sleeping quarters (thanks Jeff for making an old knackered pig pen safe and snug with chipboard and hay)

in new houseThank you everyone on Team-pig

Team Pig


6 responses to “Oxford Sandy and Black Piglets

  1. Yay, Team-Pig!!! Growing up being required for a time to feed big pigs (think I got fired fairly early on in the process – not strong enough to carry buckets of food and I probably whined about the cold and mud;-)) I developed a dislike for pigs. But I think these pigs are quite beautiful. Thanks for teaching me there are other pigs to consider.

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