Saturday Night is lambing night

new lambsIt is Saturday night – some people go out, some people stay in and watch a film, for the last two Saturday evenings we have been lambing! Last night, having just checked the sheep (and still no sign of lambing)  we were about to sit down to to have some dinner and a glass of wine, when there was a knock at the door…….the water bag of one of the pregnant sheep was showing. We rushed out and she was in labour in a corner of the field.

We watched for a bit and then went inside to scoff down some sausages and a coleslaw made with the last red cabbage and brussel sprouts, some new radishes and an apple – a girl has to eat. We were back out within 30 minutes and this is what we found ….

Just born

After a somewhat hesitant start I managed to drag/carry the lamb towards the shelter and get the mum to follow. Mum carried on cleaning her. We thought she was the only one as some red gunky stuff that we thought was afterbirth had come out of the mum. The little lamb started to suckle with some help from me when James thought he saw a contraction.

And then there were two. There was a little head and feet sticking out, so gently I eased out a little ram lamb. Mum started to clean him too so we left her too it.

And then there were two

Few more cups of tea later and we went back out to check. Helped both lambs have some more milk and fed the mum. Did the iodine thing. More cups of tea and one last check at 11-ish. It all looked well.

Then this morning I went out at 6am only to find the mum had broken out of her pen and was in the field with the boy. The little girl was hidden in the shelter. I managed to get them all in the shelter and helped the little girl have some food. But, the mum doesn’t seem to like the little girl – she pushes her out of the way and even head buts her. I am not sure what we will do. At present they are all in the shelter and I will check on them in a minute.

This was the first lambing we did sort of by ourselves – thank you Andrew for being on the end of a phone. And thank you Tony, Angela and Nathan for noticing the water bag.

N.B. sorry for rubbish photos – we are not ready for lambing photography yet!

3 responses to “Saturday Night is lambing night

  1. For your first time, seems like you did great. Hope you find a new mom for the little girl lamb. So sad when that happens. Such a weird part of nature. Congratulations on all that worked and all you did that supported the mom and lambs!

  2. Aah! Whatever happened to getting drunk at the Old Mo followed by veggie kebabs and bed at 4a.m.?! I hope the girl lamb has been accepted now – update please… xx

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