A little vegan rice and herb salad

three rice salad with herbs

A quick, delicious dinner that I think we will be eating a lot of.  I love herbs, but don’t like to buy them and until now I have been rubbish at growing coriander and dill (we have lots of parsley and mint though). However, I have started growing them early in the season in the greenhouse and on Thursday I harvested our first handfuls.

Herb and rice salad: white basmati rice (we had some leftover from a leek and kale thai curry earlier in the week), red Camargue rice, quinoa, handfuls of herbs (I used mint, dill and coriander), lots of rocket, pea shoots, radishes, juice of two lemons or so, pinenuts, lemon oil, small leeks (or spring onions if yours are ready – mine aren’t) salt/pepper.

Cook the grains separately, drain and put in a bowl. Chop the herbs and greens and add to the bowl. Gently fry the leeks/spring onions in olive oil. Remove and then fry the pine nuts. Add to the rice and stir. Slice the radishes and add. Add lemon juice, lemon  oil and seasoning to taste. I add a lot of lemon juice and salt as the grains absorb it. This made a massive bowl and I thought there would be some leftover for lunch, but I was wrong – we ate it all.

herbs and salad

You could vary this in so many ways. it might be nice with a handful of leftover green or put lentils thrown in, or some preserved lemon, any roast vegetable – you could use different herbs of course.

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