The Food Truck is Here

Foodtruck2We bought a food truck and now stage one of the great, top-secret Pop-up Cafe project is complete. Of course we have to clean it, fit it out to suit what I want to do with it and a few other things, but the project has started.  I am one more step closer to fulfilling a long term dream to sell home-cooked food from vegetables we grow, and animals we rear here on the smallholding – very local food – food meters not miles.

More details later……

12 responses to “The Food Truck is Here

  1. Brilliant idea! I’m sure it will go down very well with the campers/caravaners. Good luck with it 🙂

    • It has already started – my wonderful in-laws have only just arrived from America and they have already gutted it and started a deep clean. They are super wonderful

  2. Perfect timing for visit from Kathy and Harold. Can’t wait for future installments of the story of this next entrepenuerial venture. Good luck with it all.

  3. What a GREAT idea Claire! Love it more than the one we heard about last year. I think its gonna be perfect.

  4. I still think Burger Off is a good name for the venture 🙂
    Do we get free bacon for life if our name is choosen?

  5. Morning Claire! Did you get my email about the crockery? I think I sent it via the camp site email address – I can pick it up next week if it’s what you wanted xx

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