Life on the Smallholding

JuniperLife on the smallholding goes on …. the pigs get fed

pigs eatingThe hens hang out in the alpaca shelter

hens on hay

hensThe alpacas keep an eye on the hens and protect them from foxes

alpacas and hens

The ducks have a morning stretch

ducksThe alpacas try and eat the trees whenever they have a chance

alpacas eating treesand generally the campsite and the smallholding co-exist in their own little world

hens and campsitepigs and campsite

The light here is often wonderful – especially in the morning and evening

pigs in evening light

Have you ever wondered what an alpaca looks like when it is going to the toilet? They are so neat and tidy.

Peanut having a poo


4 responses to “Life on the Smallholding

  1. And thank you so much for that final word about alpaca potty habits. Always wondered;-).

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