Toilet Block update

wallsThe toilet block has been coming along – walls went up

septic tanksA new septic tank arrived. I can’t tell you what a relief this is to me. This toilet block will have its own sewage system which means we will have two so if there is a problem with one we have a back up toilet block people can use. We have had a lot of problems with the old system as it was so ancient, but (fingers crossed) it is all sorted now.

They needed a forklift to get the big tank off the lorry

forkliftBecause we are rubbish at remembering things I took a photo of where (ish) the electricity and water pipes go – we never write such things down – bad us

pipesAnd then the roof started going up

roof supportsroof going onThis seems like a very big project (it is a very expensive – eye-wateringly so – project) but it is about to get a bit harder for us as once the shell is up and sewage infrastructure in, it is over to us to put in doors and windows; to lay a floor, put in internal dividers and tile the walls ….. this is a very daunting task.

But we have the Shriner-Iosbaker team on site so I have no worries about the project. If anyone can get it done, Harold, Kathy and James will get it done!

N.B. we have a slightly chaotic, rather confused, beautiful, friendly campsite on a working smallholding – things just about work and we muddle along – but we will be having underfloor heating in the toilet block – yes I know – how posh is that? But it being St Margaret’s I am sure that chickens will end up in there snuggled on the tiles! Or I will use it to warm up chilled lambs!

8 responses to “Toilet Block update

  1. Just found your blog yesterday and I’ve been enjoying reading about everything.

    I quite like the idea of going to use the bathroom in the morning and finding a chicken there keeping warm! 🙂

    • Thank you – glad you are enjoying it. It is highly likely that chickens will gravitate towards the toilet block – they end up in the most unusual places.

  2. Much love and much luck to you all – the workers, the financiers, the managers and team leaders. Oh, yeah…, and all the cheer leaders standing on the sides rooting for the new toilet block – furry ones, feathered ones and human ones. It takes a village… Big hug to you all.

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