Introducing the Incubator Chicks

All togetherHere are a selection of the incubator chicks – 12 successfully hatched and they are all growing well. I thought it would be good to have them sit on my bee suit (it was dumped next to the incubator) until they all went for little chick poos. I am so classy.

An Ixworth-Naked Neck cross – good dual purpose (meat and egg bird). I am doing a study to see which dual-purpose bird works for us: we have our steadily growing Ixworth flock; we have some crosses here and in early June I get some Naked Neck meat birds.

Ixworth-Naked NEck

A blue-egg layer for the multicoloured egg boxes

Blue-egglayerAnd another one

Blue-egglayer2And my favourite ….

Naked NeckAn Ixworth-Naked Neck Cross that is more Naked Neck. I just love her/his little yellow bowl haircut. I am hoping to keep this little hen or cockerel to breed with as part of my fantastical chicken breeding programme ….

more soon….

3 responses to “Introducing the Incubator Chicks

  1. They all look like runway models. Good job, mistress of the camera! But, indeed, they are darling little creatures.

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