Bad Bee-keeper

bee hivesBee-keeping is hard – well I find it hard. I think I am a bit of a rubbish bee-keeper, but I am going to persevere until I get better at it – despite what happened on Saturday.

Anyway here is an update on the sorry tale that is my adventure into the world of apiculture.  The Queen from hive one died (see here for tales of regicide). I had hoped that they would make a new Queen – they didn’t. So, having taken advice from the wonderful people at bee-club, just over a week ago I united hive 1 with the newly formed hive 3 – formed as a result of undertaking an artificial swarm 3 weeks ago – see here.


I checked on the hives at the weekend. Hive 1 and 3 had united fine. The Queen was still there, I saw eggs and larvae – hurray. Then I looked at hive 2 – I had left them with frames of brood and a Queen cell. I had hoped the Queen would emerge, mate and start laying, but there was no sign of a Queen. Another Queenless hive. I am developing a bit of a reputation with regard to losing Queens – must be my republican tendencies.

I am not sure what to do. I will wait another week – and then maybe unite it with hive 3?

Also at the weekend I tidied up my apiary, strimmed all around and cleared away empty brood boxes etc leftover from the uniting. All this went well – and I felt like a good beekeeper for about 2 minutes.


However, having moved everything out of the apiary, I was carrying it slowly across the field to the shed – it was hot – I took off the top of my bee suit as I wasn’t in the apiary, and then one rogue, mean bee came out of nowhere and stung me on my chin. Normally, even when going through the hives they don’t attack – this bee attacked me.

And then, because I am a little bit allergic to bee stings my face swelled up and I felt awful. I took Piriton and this made me hugely sleepy. It is still swollen – I don’t like that bee.

N.B. It is all I can do to actually go through my hives, so no lovely photos of bees at the moment – instead there are photos of the flowers the bees visit!

8 responses to “Bad Bee-keeper

  1. Clearly that bee had no idea who you are or what you’ve done for them. Ungrateful brat. Feel better!!

    • Actually, maybe the bee had a good idea of what I had done and on reflection decided that sacrificing her life was for the good of the hive – that’s what worries me! xxx

  2. And beautiful flowers they are. Sorry about that nasty rogue bee attacking you. Hope you feel better soon. And I’m certain you will master the beekeeping sometime soon. Look forward to more of your bee tales.

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