Turkey Chick Hatching and other miracles

I am not sure what is more amazing: this little chick hatching out or the fact that I not only recorded it on my phone, edited it (slightly randomly I have to say) but then emailed it to myself and managed to embed it in this blog post! Thank you Harold for telling me how to get the video off my phone.

5 responses to “Turkey Chick Hatching and other miracles

  1. It’s all beautiful – chick emerging and declaring it’s presence, you recording this (really loved hearing the chick!), getting video to email and to the blog, Harold’s smartphone skills. Quite a coming together of wondrous things.

  2. Not to mention little turkey chick had been taken in to CPS (Chick Protective Services) custody just recently and had an unknown future. Makes it all so much more special to watch.

  3. We now have 7 little chicks. I will post an update soon. Found one under one of the other turkeys and a pipped egg that then hatched. Plus some of the other eggs from the first turkey hatched out too. I am hopeful for one or two more, but 7 is just wonderful x

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