Inside the toilet block

view frmo the turkey areaThe outside of the toilet block is pretty much finished and it looks good.

Outside finishedIt now has windows and doors

windows in

For the last week or two Harold, with some help from James (and Henry and Peter), has been working on the inside. First Harold built the internal partitions and then he and James put down underfloor heating (yes, I know – let’s not mention this)

underfloor heatingAnd then put down self-levelling compound (this is very expensive and we never ever buy enough, but it is fun to use)

self leveling stuff and framing of internal partitionsAfter this there was a flurry of activity and the walls went up – it has a special name, but I can’t remember it now as it has been a long day.

wallsHarold is now tiling and I have to say it is perfect.

floor tiles and wallsThe toilets really are massive

massive toilets

Don’t tell anyone, but I think I might go and live in the new toilet block, it is spacious, warm and looks beautiful.

Thank you Harold and Kathy (and everyone) for all your help.

7 responses to “Inside the toilet block

  1. Hmmmmmm – special name.
    Harold might call it dry wall or sheet rock?
    Looks great. I know where to go in October when my toes are cold!

    • I have just asked Harold it is a cement board (Hardibacker) – we needed to use this rather than drywall or plasterboard as it is a wet environment. I am seriously thinking of going to live in the toilet palace – it is looking so good.

  2. Well, if you’re going to call the burger van The Yacking Cat then the toilet block needs a more rock and roll name – Massive Toilets it is then 🙂

  3. it certainly does need a better name – Massive Toilets is very rock and roll – I was also thinking the “Palace of Felicity” but then I am an Ottomanist so that would appeal to me. For some reason I thought Yacking Cat was spelt Yakking Cat – but then I can’t spell! See you soon.

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