Incubator chicks on the rampage

Chick houseThe incubator chicks are out and about and creating havoc. First they started sitting on top of their heater

chicks on heaterWhich is fine, until they figured out how to use it as a launching pad. So I gave them the whole of the bike shed to hang out in.

Then they started accidentally jumping over the small barrier between the shed and the great outdoors

chicks in expanded homeIt was time to let them run free so that is what I did.

At first they weren’t sure

looking outsideBut they soon got the hang of it

getting outEvery morning they rush out flapping their wingsflapping wings They then spend the rest of the day figuring out how to get out of our sizeable front garden and then peeping with distress when they can’t remember how to get back in – teenagers!

Outside on the grass


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