Turkey chick update

turkey chicks3So, it turns out that six of the rescued turkey eggs hatched in the incubator. They hatched over a period of about a week or so and only a couple needed a hand. I found the light coloured chick underneath one of the other hens and quickly nabbed it.

turkey chicks2They are all doing well and currently living in the brooder in the front porch although every now and again I let them out for a play.


They have even started to grow little wing feathers

wing feathersThey do what chicks do – that is peck at everything

pecking turkey chicksKainaat often sleeps next to the brooder during the day, keeping a close eye on them. He isn’t so happy when they sit on his back – or rather when I put them on his back – poor long suffering boy

Kai and chickA few days ago I checked under the other turkey hens and I found quite a few pipped eggs. Not wanting a repeat of the squashed turkey situation – see here  – I took them and popped them in the incubator. Then yesterday this started to happen

new eggs pippingYesterday, was full of tapping and peeping as five turkeys hatched and two of the Ixworth eggs that I thought I had compromised in terms of turning and humidity when I put the turkey eggs in the incubator.

chick foot coming out

I was trying to finish a rewrite of an article, but kept getting distracted by these cute little peepers.

I should be working

So far today another three turkeys have hatched.

I am away for work for a few days, but on Friday I will move the bigger turkeys outside into the bike shed with some heat and leave the little ones in the brooder – it is currently getting quite crowded in there.

N.B. This is another example of how turkey eggs from the same clutch can hatch over a period of at least a week – I need to remember this before I throw out eggs or turn off the incubator. See my post almost exactly a year ago for how I originally learnt this important lesson!

7 responses to “Turkey chick update

  1. Dang, girl. You keep this up and you’ll soon need a full-time egg/chick tender. Remarkable number of chicks and quite a nursery and child care center you’ve managed to create for them. Love the updates.

  2. They are so so cute – but they all have to hatch really soon as the duck eggs should be ready in a week – and of course the 10 day-old naked neck chicks I am collecting will need some space in the brooder as well! xx

  3. I dream of having tons of money to subsidize the smallholding so you can have all the staff you need to tend to your growing family there. May my dreams come true! Until then, save the ones you can and enjoy all they will give to your life there while they are alive – smiles, laughter, eggs, more chicks, meat for your boys.

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    • I’m not sure why they are different. We used to have different colour turkeys. The only was we could sex them was to wait until they were older and see which ones grew longer snoods/wattles 🙂

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