More Chicks?!

new chicksIt might be the case that on Friday I drove to Essex to pick up a box of cute chicks. Obviously the fact that I have just hatched out (well mainly the turkeys did the hard work, I just helped with the final stages of hatching out) 20 turkeys and 15 Ixworth chicks from eggs laid here and 6 Ixworth/Naked Neck crosses and 6 blue egg-layers from eggs Barling Poultry wasn’t enough.

chicks in brooder

Actually we do have enough turkeys but I wanted to introduce some genetic diversity to the flock so picked up three Norfolk Blacks and one Norfolk Bronze from the lovely people at Barling Poultry. They are another small-scale, wonderful producer keeping free-range chickens and ducks (but not too many) and providing fertile eggs and day-old chicks. They also have the cutest alpacas in the world who are pregnant and about to have their little crias any day – serious cria envy from me.

Norfolk Black turkey

So that explains the turkeys quite reasonably, but what about the chicks? Well they are Naked Neck chicks. I already have a growing flock of Ixworths and my starter flock of Ixworth/Naked Neck crosses, but I want to see what the Naked Necks are like. They are meat birds and I want to see how they compare to the Ixworths and which will be more suitable for our situation. Plus I would quite like to start a little flock of mini dinosaurs – I mean who wouldn’t? The aim is to be self-sufficient in eggs for hatching as well as eating.

naked neck2Naked Neck

Oh yes, I may have also picked up these too ……

Pekin Duck eggs

Pekin duck eggs to start a new flock of Pekin ducks – muhaaahaahaa – my poultry empire begins to take shape, there will be no stopping me now

N.B. of course with so many chicks the egg collecting round yesterday ended up with everyone crammed into the front porch excitedly holding the cutest little chicks ever – including all the parents as well – who can resist a chick?

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