Chicken Madness

mum nad chickDoesn’t everyone stuff their front garden full of chickens?

We moved all the mums and their babies here from the front garden. James doesn’t like the ducks messing up all their food and water (and he has a point). The added bonus is that we can now watch lots of chick antics with ease from the french windows and the incubator chicks and turkeys can socialise with the others.

Nursery areathis way chicldren

The incubator chicks are growing up fast – they are a little chick gang

incubator chicksIncubator chicks2incubator chicks

I had divided the bike shed into two and put some of the older turkeys in one half and the incubator chicks in the other.

Bike shed divided into twoturkeysturkeys2

But they knocked down my wall so now they all sleep together and the baby turkeys are free ranging and getting into all sorts of trouble.

turkeysN.B. I put my Pekin duck eggs into the incubator today – all being well in 28 days there should be ducklings here!

2 responses to “Chicken Madness

  1. I love that you keep chicks in your “bike shed”. Makes perfect sense in my world as well. But if they move into the house I’d say you’ve gone too far….but that’s just me!!

  2. They are already in the house – about 18 turkey poults and 13 chicks – in a brooder and in a big tub – they are in the front porch though …… !

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