plants from friends

gifts from friendsChristine and Nathan (my lovely friends from London with the award-winning allotment) met me at the station a couple of weeks ago and gave me all these amazing plants: two little fig trees, lots of lovely cavalo nero, courgettes, cucumbers, tons of cabbages and basil.

I managed to get them all home on three trains and two tubes – quite an achievement – and then set about planting them.

I put the cabbages in here to fill up the row

cabbagesThe cucumbers went in the greenhouse with some friends

cucumbersThe courgettes went in my Aztec garden – more on this in the next few days.

I put the cavalo nero in my other two brassica beds – filling in where something had eaten the brussel sprouts, cabbages and cauliflower. I don’t know what was eating them – not slugs or snails – and both beds are covered with enviromesh to protect from evil pigeons. I strimmed down the overgrown asparagus/raspberry bed (yes, it isn’t a good idea to plant asparagus next to raspberries – who knew??) to flush out any other creature and then I planted the lovely, healthy cavalo nero plants.

Apparently they were so healthy that the unknown creature was tempted too – and they ate ALL of them – yes ALL of them. I am gutted.

demolished brassicas2

You can see the empty area where cavalo nero should be

missing areaMore missing cabbage plants

more missing plantsBut my lovely friends have some spare cavalo nero that they will give me next time we meet. I will be planting this somewhere safer – i.e. another part of the garden. Thank you Christine and Nathan

N.B. the fig trees are going in the front garden as it is south-facing, but I need to organise chicken protection first.

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