Fruit Trees

pearThis is a baby pear. It doesn’t look as if we will have many pears this year as only one tree actually has fruit on it and it only has a few baby pears. This is fine – pears tend to go in two year cycles and last year was pretty good, plus our trees are still young. Hopefully we will have some apples to make up for the lack of pears. We generally get lots of cooking apples from the old tree, but so far haven’t had much luck with eating apples. Maybe, this year the trees will be mature enough to produce some decent apples


We might even get one or two from the 30 cider and eating apples we planted and I plan on training as espaliers (when I get some time – yeah yeah).

cider applesThe orchard does look cute though with the Jacobs in it


It looks as if we will have lots of damsons on one of our trees. We planted this tree on top of our little kitten Fidel who died a few years ago (he was Mao’s brother and was lovely, but didn’t live very long as he was poisoned). This year the tree is full of baby damsons. This is great as I love damsons – I have planted at least 6 damson trees – maybe more – as I want to end up in a few years with a huge glut of damsons so I can make damson cheese, jam, jelly and of course damson brandy.


It also looks like we will have lots of medlars and this year I will definitely make medlar jelly – I will, I will, I will.

medlarAnd I am still hopeful for quince – one day

QuinceEven though all the plums and greengages don’t seem to be doing to well.

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