House Chutney

uncooked chutneyWe make a lot of chutney – it uses the same basic recipe inspired by a River Cottage recipe, but we change the base ingredients depending on what is available. Mainly as we grow so many courgettes and apples these form the base

House Chutney: 3kg of veg/fruit – I usually use 2kg of courgettes; 500g of cooking apples and 500 g of onions. Sometimes I add green tomatoes or more apples; 600 ml of cider vinegar; 500 g of brown sugar; 500g of raisins or sultanas; pinch of salt,  chilli and spices put in a special spice cage or wrapped in muslin. Put everything in a pan and cook gently for hours and hours and hours – until it looks like this:

cooked chutney

cooked chutney

Then bottle, seal and label the chutneys – see here for sterilising jars etc. The chutney is best left for a few months before devouring.chutney2

4 responses to “House Chutney

  1. Looks really nice Claire, you really do make the most of everything around you.:) Just to let you know our new grandSON Zeke Matthew arrived on Friday 19th June. Off to see him tomorrow for lots of cuddles. Jacob fleece now separated and washed, awaiting carding then spinning, thanks so much, once again 🙂

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