Daisy Dog

Daisy DogI had my beloved Daisy Dog put to sleep today. She was only just 5 – her birthday was June 1st.









Two months ago I noticed a lump on her pelvis. I took her to the vet who suspected it was a haematoma from a bump and recommended I keep an eye on it and come back if it persisted. I got a bit distracted by life and Daisy Dog was fine. Last Thursday she came in from playing frisbee limping – this is not hugely unusual (it happens maybe twice a year) as she has hip dysplasia (something we managed with exercise, McTimmony chiropracty, hydrotherapy and occasionally acupuncture). Usually, she is back to normal after a few hours, but she was still limping on Friday and obviously in pain so I took her to the vets. They recommended an x-ray of the lump and aspiration, something she would need to be anaesthatised for. I booked her in for this morning.










The x-ray showed an aggressive bone tumour. I don’t believe in prolonging the life of animals for my own benefit and I didn’t want Daisy Dog to be in pain as that is not a life a dog would want or understand. According to the vet she would only have weeks or a couple of months to live and would be in increasing pain during this time. I decided to not have her wake up from the anaesthetic, but to have the vet kill her.


I am gutted. She was my first, and most beloved, dog. She helped me recover from all my surgeries – walking her got me out of the house and I really believe it helped me to heal.

Daisy Dogdogs








She was a complicated, independent, strong-willed, wonderful dog. The children on the site adored her and she adored them. She was my Daisy Dog.

Dogs playing

We collected her from the vets with Kainaat, dug a grave for her in the sheep field and buried her in a blanket with a fluffy pink toy bone Helen had given her and which she loved. We let Kainaat see her so he knows his friend is dead.

Daisy's Grave

There is so much I want to say about Daisy Dog, but right now just thinking of her makes me cry.

Me and dogs

Yesterday, I didn’t take Daisy Dog for a long walk as she was limping and the vet had said that she should not be exercised too much. However, despite being in some pain, we needed a dog to help get the last rogue sheep in the hurdles so we could treat them to prevent fly-strike.  Daisy dog was excited and delighted to have a chance to work the sheep and she did a great job. Later in the evening, she played with Kainaat, pommed around the site and had a big dinner.  Although I didn’t know it then, I think she had a perfect last day, that even she would have approved of.

Daisy Dog in the wood copyNB: her name on the Kennel Club activity register was Daisy Dog Hayat Dolu – hayat dolu means literally ‘full of life’ in Turkish and is used in a similar way to the English phrase – fresh as a Daisy. That is how I have to try and remember her.

41 responses to “Daisy Dog

  1. Dearest Claire, I am so sorry to hear about Daisy dog, my thoughts are with you, but you did the right thing I truly believe. Unselfish! Please take care of yourself, rest and take things slowly, grief is a strange beast. lots of love Helen xxxxxx and Ray xxxx

  2. Dear Claire and James, we are so very sorry and sad to hear the awful news about Daisy. We are thinking of you both – Mary, Mark, Tom and Sam xxxx

  3. Oh no! What very sad news Claire. I remember her as a very small puppy when you first introduced us to her at the campsite. It has been great fun watching her grow up and take her first steps as a sheep herder. You must be feeling distraught. The only consolation being that she had a lovely life with you at the campsite, especially her last day! Big hugs.

  4. We can’t believe the news. We cried when we read the blog. It brings back to us all the happy times we and our grandchildren, especially Faeren, have had with Daisy. We will miss her so much and our thoughts are with you and James over your sad loss.
    From all the Walker family

  5. Dear Claire, I am so sorry. It’s hard for me to read this because Chris and I lost our cat Sammy three weeks ago. In his case he was taken off by an animal and all we saw was clumps of fur he left behind. We know the grief of losing a loved one. But to have to make the decision too — that has been excruciating in my life. Even knowing you made the right decision, you feel overwhelmed with grief afterwards. I hold you and James in my heart as you mourn your dear Daisy Dog.

  6. How desperately sad to hear about Daisy and what a lovely tribute to a wonderful dog. Daisy had a fabulous life with you and she was a blessing to you too. xx

  7. Hi Claire and James
    We are all so sad for you at this time

    Caleb and I both remember when we first met daisy as a little puppy- she loved having her belly rubbed and tickled.We are all thinking of you and daisy.
    Bruce, Anne, Martin, Caleb and Faeren

    • Thank you Faeren. Daisy Dog totally adored you. Everytime she saw you were here she got all excited and did her special bum-wiggle dance. I have lovely memories of you playing and training her. see you soon xxx

  8. Oh Claire so sorry to hear this Daisy Dog will be missed by everyone. We saw you with her in the garden yesterday looking well. That is how we will remembered her. Thought are with yourself and James x

    • Thank you Pat. She had a special woof she did when you or Ivan came to the door. She adored you both and we are so grateful for all the amazing walks you took her on. xxx

  9. I have had more than a little cry. Gutted. You must be distraught.. but she had an amazing 5 years and the best family (perhaps with the exception of Twinkle). We all loved her dearly. RIP Daisy Dog. Xxx

  10. Hi Claire & James, I’m so sad to hear this sad news. Daisy dog will always have a place in my memory as she brought her rope ball to me for me to throw for her. It is a beautiful tribute to her that you have written along with the pictures,she was truly loved and happy. Love to you both. Geoff and Sheena x

  11. Oh Claire so sorry to hear thisDaisy Dog will be missed by everyone. We saw you yesterday in the garden when we walked pass. She looked her happy self. That is how we will remember her. Thought are will yourself and James. X

  12. Oh Claire we’re in tears here. Such sad news, we know how much she meant to you and James and everyone on the site. Daisy had a fantastic life and was much loved. Many hugs to you xx

  13. Dear Claire and James. So sorry to hear your sad news. She was a beautiful dog and the children loved her. Thinking of you lots, Love Anita, Katie and George xxx

  14. Dear Claire and James we are so sorry to hearse about daisy I remember all of the good memories with her and we can’t stop thinking of her
    Love from Belle George Alen and Tavia

    • Thank you Belle, Daisy Dog loved playing with you so much. She had a lovely life here with all her friends on the campsite and I am glad so many people have lovely memories of her. xx

  15. Oh how I grieve with you and James. We love our special pets and I know how hard it is to lose one. Harold & I were there the week-end you brought her home. She was amazing from the start. I will miss her.
    Love, Kathy

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